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Stories are important. Stories are powerful. They are a harbinger of the future and a light on that which we cannot yet see. The stories we tell matter.


In my stories I seek to envision the journey of overcoming isolation, the perils of modern tech, authoritarianism and the void once filled by God and the family.



18 Minute Short Film

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Similar to: 12 Monkeys, Black Mirror

Wrote, directed &produced 18-minute short film for under $3500.

In a parallel universe in which humans can convert human life years into a currency called Lifecoin, a young man is drafted to obtain it against his moral conscience by traveling inter-dimensionally and offering Shortcuts to unsuspecting victims.

This character-driven story speaks to themes of corporate greed and oppression under digital authoritarianism and forced action against one's moral conscience.

Contact for link to view. Adaptation for feature or series available.

Photo Dec 05, 8 26 28 PM_edited.jpg

A Book of Personal Essays  l  Feature Adaptation

Similar to: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, House on Mango Street

Homecoming is a collection of short personal essays exploring the meaning of home through my post-lockdown journey across America.

Homecoming is a cry for a world in the midst of a meaning crisis. In a time when identity is being fought for by advertisers; when we’ve traded in family and place-based community and the tech that’s supposed to connect us only makes us more disconnected; when God has been discarded and what’s been put in place simply cannot hold  -  we seem to have lost our sense of meaning. What does it really mean to be home? And what does it take to find it?

Full manuscript and feature pitch available upon request


Feature Film

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

Similar to: The Matrix, A Brave New World, Blade Runner 2049, Handmaid’s Tale

A female programmer is one of the few “Analogs” left — she doesn’t have a THRISPR neuro-link chip. Soon THRISPR will be required and with the dystopian reality closing in, she must face her nihilism & claim her destiny in an intricate deliverance plot.


Everybody loves a good sc-fi conspiracy and THRISPR is one that is relevant to the modern technological atmosphere and an eerie prophecy of where we could be headed. This drama utilizes a heroic arc that draws on religious motifs, while fantasizing headlines like AI, StarLink, microchip implants, the endangerment of the freedom of the internet, boundaries between tech and government and technology addiction.

Pitch bible available upon request

Inside  Light

Short Film  l  In Pre-Production

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Similar to: Mother!

A young woman whose heart has grown dark and who’s life has contracted into isolation is mysteriously called by her late Grandmother into a dream and a journey to recover that part of herself that she long ago shoved into the shadows; that part which is expansive, connected with something greater and unbounded by materialism and nihilism.


In pre-production to shoot in 2023

Script and pitch available upon request

Normal Guy

Full-Length Feature Script  l  Short Film Adaptation

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama

Similar to: The Sopranos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Italianamerican, Hannah and Her Sisters, High Fidelity

A coming-of-age dramady with a lot of heart about a 35 year old Italian man who must grab hold of his life after moving back in with his family (who's boundaries are so non-existant they may as well share bodies) in 90's New Jersey. When he falls in love with a woman who is simply perfect for him, will his family get in the way? You bet they will.

Feature and short scripts available upon request

Music Videos

Music Video Pitch


In this dreamy story of love and letting go, a woman awakens on a bus, clung to the arms of a man. Gently she is guided by angels in beige to exit the bus, stepping away from the man and into the unknown. 

Concept written by Emily Clibourn

Produced by Emily Clibourn & Little Ugly

Directed by Alissa Torvinen


Music Video Pitch

A story told in a montage. A story that may have only ever been a dream. A man down on his luck is taken on a ride along the PCH and on a journey that opens his eyes again to the wonder and beauty of life. 

Music video pending production

As The Wind Blows
As The Wind Blows
As The Wind Blows



5-Part Personal Documentary 

Filmed, directed and edited a five part documentary series following my bandmates and myself across the US on a national music tour.

Premiered in 2017

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