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Emily Clibourn

Writer│Filmmaker │ Singer

Stories are important. Stories are powerful. They are a harbinger of the future and a light on that which we cannot yet see. The stories we tell matter.

Individuals like Paul Kingsnorth, John Vervaeke, Jeremy Naydler, Iain McGilcrest and more have been addressing the modern meaning crisis. I aim to address this issue through my narrative stories and films and to be a teller of thought-provoking stories envision the journey of overcoming isolation, the perils of modern tech, authoritarianism and the void once filled by God and the family.

Current Projects

A Memoir

Get in Touch
A Podcast at The End of Everything


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A Short Film


I am based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating on a film, documentary or music video project. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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